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Spotsurfer is a Breckenridge, Colorado-based exchange marketplace that matches day skiers with parking spaces in ski resorts and towns.

The location-based app provides ski drivers a hassle-free way to locate and secure advance parking reservations, while property owners can utilize unused parking spaces.

Through AI-enabled marketing programs, Spotsurfer drives parking demand and delivers skier-driver data to simplify skier parking experiences, ease traffic congestion, and reduce the number of cars on the road.

Spotsurfer is doing its part to reduce carbon emissions and aid in the economic development of local ski area communities.

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Spotsurfer founder James Hohenlohe

As a problem solver and avid skier, James concepted the idea of matching day driver-skiers with under utilized parking spaces in ski areas and empty lots in mountain communities as a way to ease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and aid in the economic development of local ski area communities.

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